Stroud Green

Stroud Green Labour has 640 members, one of the biggest branches in the country. The branch has more than doubled in size since Jeremy Corbyn became leader, and is a vibrant and active place to talk politics. Our members are campaigning to keep open Osborne Grove, the last remaining nursing home in the borough, to improve safety in Finsbury Park, and to increase social housing in the borough. And, of course, we are working for a Labour victory locally and nationally and this has never felt more important than it does now.

We have a draft development plan for the branch which our members are refining and implementing. We organise socials, reading groups, and a walking group. We have a women’s forum, a black and minority ethnic working group and a young labour group. Join us! Get involved!

Your Councillors

Daniel Stone

Eldridge Culverwell

Kirsten Hearn

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