Fortis Green

If you believe we should be creating a fairer society, one that is run for the many, not the few, the Labour Party is the place for you. If you believe we should be organising to make that happen, through our elected representatives and our campaigns for social justice, this is the place for you.

In Fortis Green we are active in all those areas. We campaign vigorously in election campaigns, helping to get Catherine West re-elected on the Party’s transformative manifesto, and increasing the Labour vote in the local election by over 30%. We have organised large local meetings to create real support for refugees in the Borough. We are actively campaigning in support of the NHS and against the worrying rise of the far-right in this country.

Our members have a wide range of political opinions and experience. In Fortis Green we see that as a strength. You should join us.

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There are currently no Labour Councillors in this ward.

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