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Catherine West MP : my week (not) in Parliament

September 16th 2019

It is shameful that since Monday evening I haven’t been sitting in Parliament.

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Catherine West untangles BREXIT for an appreciative audience at Jacksons Lane

September 15th 2019

50 people joined Catherine West MP at Jacksons Lane Community Centre in Highgate Ward...

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Join the action all over Hornsey and Wood Green

September 13th 2019

This Saturday 14th we are canvassing all over Hornsey and Wood Green.

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Jeremy Corbyn's speech to the TUC

September 10th 2019

Jeremy Corbyn promises to introduce the biggest ever extension to workers’ rights

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Long evenings in Parliament defeating Johnson, busy days campaigning: Catherine West's week

September 9th 2019

Amber Rudd has given the game away - the PM is only interested in no deal

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Fantastic Doorstep Session in Crouch End today

September 7th 2019

Crouch End residents can't wait for us to kick out Boris Johnson

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Catherine West MP visits the Haringey/Veolia depot

September 6th 2019

Catherine raises concerns about refuse collection, street cleansing and Veolia's post BREXIT stance

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Action this Saturday

September 6th 2019

Support our campaigning in Crouch End and Woodside wards

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Catherine West's update Thursday 5th September

September 5th 2019

Catherine West’s update today: Johnson Yellowhammered and deserted by his brother__

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Johnson in trouble: Catherine West MP on an extraordinary night in Parliament

September 4th 2019

328 - 301 votes: Johnson loses in Parliament. Catherine West reports.

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Fantastic turnout at Muswell Hill stop the Coup event

September 3rd 2019

Superb support at short notice for Defend our democracy Muswell Hill Rally

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Catherine West MP debunks the Trump/Johnson honeymoon

July 31st 2019

That Johnson/Trump honeymooon and Boris' flipflops

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July 28th 2019

The Government must act AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE on climate and ecological breakdown.

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H&WG CLP Launches EU Election Campaign

April 26th 2019

Haringey Labour has launched its EU election campaign.

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European Elections: Canvassing Schedule

April 26th 2019

European election canvassing for the next four weeks will run as a cross-constituency (Hornsey & Wood Green/Tottenham joint campaign

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Local leadership for climate action: what Haringey can do?

April 2nd 2019

Excerts from a talk by Polly Billington to Highgate and Muswell Hill wards

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Hornsey ward raise £250 with successful fundraising quiz night

March 22nd 2019

This week Hornsey Ward organised a fantasic quiz night to raise money for the CLP.

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New podcast H&WG Highlights released

March 20th 2019

This month we released the inaugural episode of a new CLP podcast.

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Great turnout for Noel Park canvass

March 12th 2019

Borough Canvass Noel Park Saturday 9th March In a hugely successful afternoon of action, members from all over Haringey turned out to talk to the residents of Noel Park ward on their doorsteps and at a stall in front of Wood Green Library.

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Thinking about applying to be a Councillor?

March 1st 2019

Haringey Local Campaign Forum has re-opened applications for members wishing to be an approved Councillor candidate.

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CC&EG January Update

January 28th 2019

We intend to publish a newsletter four times a year for circulation amongst Labour Party members and other concerned people. We would welcome comments, suggestions and contributions from readers.

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Successful stall and door knock in Alexandra Park Ward

January 21st 2019

Catherine West MP and others from across the constituency party joined members from Alexandra Ward in a highly successful stall and doorknock on Saturday 19th January.

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Universal Credit Protest

January 1st 2019

Carol Singers Highlight Universal Credit Hardship in Haringey

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The Stansted 15: Statement from Hornsey & Wood Green Labour Party 11 December, 2018

December 11th 2018

Hornsey & Wood Green Labour Party (H&WGLP) today expressed their condemnation of the verdict reached in the case of the ‘Stansted 15’.

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Catherine West MP and Deputy Mayor Joanne McCartney support us next Saturday afternoon

November 24th 2018

Saturday next 24th November 1 pm Joanne will be at the Muswell Hill/Highgate Wards stall and doorknock by Miller & Carter on Muswell Hill Broadway; 2pm Catherine will be at the Stroud Green Ward doorknocking session in Marquis Court.

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Great response to the stop & scrap Universal Credit Campaign Day

October 20th 2018

Five stalls all across Hornsey and Wood Green drew excellent responses from residents in Bounds Green, Crouch End, Hornsey, Muswell Hill and Stroud Green.

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Catherine West MP is Flossing for Funding

October 20th 2018

Catherine West MP joined Haringey parents and pupils in a Floss Dancing Day of Action at St Aidan’s Primary School in Stroud Green on 19th October.

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Haringey Labour Group looks for Borough Organiser

October 4th 2018

Haringey Labour Party seeks a Borough Organiser to undertake campaign work. (Part time, 28 hours a week).

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Crouch End Labour spreads the message with successful stall on the Broadway

September 28th 2018

Crouch End Branch Labour Party today organised a stall on the Broadway, sharing Labour's new policies post-Labour Party Conference, listening to local issues, and campaigning to #ScrapUniversalCredit.

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Catherine West MP opposes the closing of Royal Mail’s Muswell Hill Delivery Office

September 23rd 2018

Hornsey and Wood Green MP Catherine West has [criticised “shortsighted” plans to close Muswell Hill’s Royal Mail delivery office, while locals say the plans are “very concerning”](

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Help #ScrapUniversalCredit

September 21st 2018

Labour Party Conference opens this weekend in Liverpool and you may be able to play a part before Sunday.

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Trans Solidarity Event Report: Trans Women are Women

September 6th 2018

Hornsey & Wood Green Young Labour recently organised the __Trans Women are Women!__ event in order to show solidarity with trans women who have been confronted by rising transphobia, misogyny and other forms of discrimination both in the Labour Party and in wider society.

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National Rail Campaign Day

September 2nd 2018

Across the country, rail services are in meltdown and the Tories are failing to stand up for millions of rail users.

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Why we set up our own council housing company

August 1st 2018

Across London there is a desperate need for affordable homes, and this is especially true in Haringey.

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MP Catherine West and Councillor Peray Ahmet deliver NHS 70th Birthday cards to Whittington and North Middlesex hospitals

July 18th 2018

Haringey residents thank NHS staff for their work over the 70 years since the NHS was founded.

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Our NHS is 70 March

July 1st 2018

Around 50,000 marched the streets of London on Saturday demanding an end to the cuts, austerity and privatisation that have characterised the last eight years of Tory mismanagement of our NHS.

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Hornsey ward organises successful fundraising sale

June 11th 2018

Hornsey branch held a successful tabletop sale outside the Labour Party office.

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Our NHS–will it survive?

June 6th 2018

In the 70th birthday year of the National Health Service, Catherine West MP, hosted a well-attended and lively evening on its future in Hornsey Parish Church Hall on 24th May.

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Haringey 2018 Local Election Results

May 4th 2018

The results for the local elections which took place on 3 May 2018 have been published.

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Haringey Labour 2018 Manifesto Launched

April 7th 2018

Haringey is our home, and we’re proud of it. Our vision for Haringey seeks to build upon the strengths that have made it home to people from every ethnic and social background; people from every walk of life.

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Alexandra Super Sunday 25th March

March 23rd 2018

Join the Alexandra Super Sunday Campaign Launch!

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