Young Labour

We are an unapologetically socialist, feminist and anti-racist Group, organising actions, demonstrations, protests and campaigns in the local area in solidarity with young people and other liberation Groups on both a local and national level.

We are part of the Hornsey & Wood Green (HWG) Constituency Labour Party (CLP), and anyone under the age of 27 who is a member of the Labour Party will automatically become a member of this Young Labour Group.

We work collaboratively with the CLP and other liberation Groups, as well as organising independently. We have two General Committee (GC) delegates for our Group, and support HWG CLP by campaigning during local and national elections.

We typically organise door knocking or phone banking sessions to get the word out about our incredible candidates. We need to make sure that young people’s voices are heard at all levels of the Party. We therefore also always encourage HWG Young Labour members to put themselves forward to represent the area at national Conferences and events.

We hold monthly meetings where we talk about how our campaigns are progressing, organise our events, and conduct any democratic processes that we might need to like elections for Officer positions in HWG Young Labour, or voting on our next campaign topic.

In addition, we hold ad hoc events like speaker panels, and most recently in July 2018 we organised a Trans Women are Women solidarity event where we had guest speakers talking about their experiences of oppression and what the left needs to do to be more inclusive of trans women. Read about the event here.

In June 2018 we launched our survey on insecure work and the gig economy and how that impacts on young people. This is a survey aimed at all young people not only in HWG but also in Greater London, and we will use the results to better understand people’s experiences and what we can do to support them. Read about the event here.

Finally, HWG Young Labour organises demonstrations, including to date a protest outside the Crouch End Picturehouse cinema to demand the living wage, sick and holiday pay, pensions and union recognition, and we support other movements such as the McDonalds Strike.

We represented HWG Young Labour at NHS demonstrations, and the anti-Trump protest. We have also attended the silent Grenfell march in solidarity, respect and protest with our Kensington & Chelsea comrades.

As a member of HWG Young Labour, you can take part in our activities as little or often as you want, but your voice will always be heard and your views always respected. You can take part by attending meetings, speaker events, social gatherings, a cohort going to a protest, or door knocking at the next General Election.

Email for more information, or follow us on social media.

Recent News

Trans Solidarity Event Report: Trans Women are Women

September 6th 2018

Hornsey & Wood Green Young Labour recently organised the __Trans Women are Women!__ event in order to show solidarity with trans women who have been confronted by rising transphobia, misogyny and other forms of discrimination both in the Labour Party and in wider society.

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