Universal Credit


Universal Credit, the disastrous new benefits system for low income and unemployed people, will be introduced in Haringey from 24th October.

Despite endless damning reports that Universal Credit has left claimants poorer, forcing many into debt, homelessness and reliance on food banks, the Tory government is pushing ahead with its national rollout.

Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Party is appalled by the misery already inflicted by Universal Credit. At a time when 3.8 million in the UK are in pre-carious employment such as zero-hours contracts or low-paid self-employment, the Tory government is eroding the welfare system on which so many of us rely.

We will continue to campaign for Universal Credit to be stopped and scrapped and for a more just benefits system.

What is Universal Credit and who will it affect?

  • Universal Credit merges into a single monthly payment six existing bene-fits: child tax credit, housing benefit, income support, income-based jobseekers’ allowance, income-related employment and support allow-ance, working tax credit.
  • It will affect sick and disabled people, jobseekers, workers in low income and insecure jobs or those on zero hours contracts as well as unemployed people.

If you would like to join Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Party’s campaign against Universal Credit, please email us at labourinharingey@gmail.com.

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Why Universal Credit should be stopped

  • Claimants can wait up to 6 weeks or longer for their first payment
  • Claims must be made online making it inaccessible to many
  • Rent is paid directly to claimants not landlords, leading to rent arrears
  • Payments go to one named member of a household, making women and children experiencing domestic violence more vulnerable
  • Claimants face a cruel and punitive sanctions regime, depriving people of money for anything from 3 weeks to 3 years
  • Single parents in work and disabled people will lose thousands of pounds
  • Two million children nationally will be worse off
  • Part-time disabled workers could be forced to look for full-time or unsuitable work
  • Gig workers and self-employed people will be worse off
  • Up to 40 per cent of payments can be deducted to repay current debt

Where to go for help

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