Climate Change & Environment Group



Present:        Helen Mayer                         Alan Morton

                        Jenny Taylor                         Friedbert Meinert

                        Rose Levinson                     Julian Sainsbury

                        Chris Lazou                          Sydney Charles

                        Nicky Gavron AM                 Norman Beddington (secretary)

                        Chris Barker                         Jill Boswell (chair)

Fred Fitzke


Apologies:    Catherine West MP             Judy Webb

                        Donald Lyven                       Jill Pack


Minutes of 04.11.17 Meeting


These were approved as a correct record.


Matters Arising


Central & Branch Environment Officers


Highgate branch intend to pursue their motion on appointing a constituency Environment Officer, and environment officers in each branch at the January GC.


SERA AGM 02.12.17


Norman reported on the talks given by Cllr Julian Bell of Ealing and Mayor Philip Glanville of Hackney on what their boroughs are doing on the environment – particularly on air pollution, the transition to cycling and walking and in Hackney building on their history of local energy generation. Jill Boswell, Helen and Sydney also attended. Norman to investigate whether the group can become a branch of SERA, and what this entails.


Hackney Council Energy Conference


Jill Pack and Norman had a meeting in late December with Cllr. Jon Burke, chair of Environment in Hackney to find out what was involved with his planned municipal energy conference on 6th March. Jon explained at some length how he is planning a Hackney municipal energy company with the aims of offering local residents a better energy deal and tying up with a smaller energy company which can provide a high % of renewable energy. The 6th March conference will be a fairly low-key event focused on London.


Meeting with NLWA


With Quentin Given, Norman has met with Martin Capstick, the new MD of NLWA, who started work on 01.12.17 and was in process of meeting people and organisations with an interest in NLWA, including community groups. He appears to be more open than his predecessor to environmental considerations, and to discussing the procurement route for the new incinerator


Response to GLA Environment Strategy


Norman thanked everyone who contributed to a successful joint response to the Strategy.


Reports by Catherine West & Nicky Gavron


Catherine did not attend the meeting. Nicky emphasised how important it was to respond to the consultation on the London Plan.


Motions for Manifesto Conference


Three motions will be put forward on waste & the NLWA incinerator, the concept of a Haringey energy company and implementing the Zero by 2050 Plan. 


Helen said that an achievable route map for the Plan is needed; Alan said that council staff such as Joe Baker are already pressing the Planning Dept for action on zero energy developments, and should be supported. It’s important that community groups keep a close eye on new developments, and to this end MHSG will be keeping in touch with the Muswell Hill and Fortis Green Assn, who are already doing this.


The first two motions were agreed while Alan, Sydney and Norman were asked to come up with some changes to the Zero by 2050 one.


Haringey Energy Company


Also discussed under matters arising. Alan was concerned about whether this would in fact be viable and whether Haringey would be taking on too much.


Report from Manifesto Group


Rose reported on behalf of the Manifesto Group, which has been working on how and whether to hold an event linking the national energy picture with local Haringey concerns and the upcoming local elections. The group is now working on a locally-based Community Education event linked into the election campaign – probably to be held on 24th March. It would involve, and hopefully excite young people about climate change ! The format will hopefully be of interest to other constituencies. The question of how people relate to the environment in normal life is key. Polly Billington, John Sauven and Ed Miliband were suggested as speakers. 


Rose to report to the main group on when the event is going ahead. Agreed that the Group will have a standing item on CC&E agendas, and report when necessary.


Response to London Plan


Nicky stressed the importance of the London Plan, which will define development in London for years. Key issues are how ‘good growth’ policies are defined, the supply of family housing increased and the loss of open space resisted. She advised review of the policy boxes in the text. Any response will need to be in by 2nd March. Norman agreed to allocate chapters for review to people who reviewed similar chapters for the Environment Strategy. Sydney and Chris to check Norman’s allocation.


Upcoming Events


5th Feb 18.00 Have Your Say on the London Plan; Friends House Euston Rd: New London Architecture meeting:


9th Feb 18.00 Meeting on Driverless Cars with Christian Wolmar; Campaign for Better Transport meeting – see flyer attached


21st March                Highgate Society event on ethical investment ‘ Use Your Money 

for Good’




There will be a new newsletter coming out in February. Norman to announce the date for contributions.


Date of Next Meeting


Sunday 11th March at 5.30 pm at 16 Lanchester Rd N6


Norman Beddington




The HWG CC&E Group proposes that:


 Haringey Council  supports the Mayor of London's policy to reduce waste and maximise recycling to 65% by 2030.  Through the NLWA it will work to achieve minimum carbon emissions across the waste, heat and power cycles. In particular it will seek to develop the technology to maximise recycling of plastic materials, much of which is currently being incinerated at the Edmonton EcoPark energy and heat from waste facility, giving rise to high CO2 emissions.  More effective pre-sorting technology is now available and should be embodied in the new facility planned for 2025. Haringey representatives on NLWA will argue for a re-think of the Edmonton plan, to embody a modular approach rather than the present single huge incinerator. This would allow for greater flexibility as rates of recycling increase and the quantity of residual waste declines in line with London's policies on waste.


 Haringey Council investigate setting up a municipal energy company or tariff for Haringey. Currently consumers with accounts with Big Six companies are supporting the use of carbon intensive and nuclear fuels, whilst local renewable generation schemes are unable to sell surplus power to be used locally at a commercial price. A Haringey energy tariff should support local solar generation schemes by purchasing their surplus, provide loan funding, offer preferential service and rates to those in fuel poverty and advise customers on how to reduce bills. Haringey should investigate a tie-up with an ethical energy company supplying electricity and gas from renewable sources, and establish whether this would offer improvements for Haringey residents. It should liaise with the GLA on how a Haringey company would link to the proposed new GLA one.


 'The Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Party Climate Change and Environment Group welcome the policies outlined in the 'Manifesto for Zero by 2050' commissioned by Haringey Council. We urge the Labour Party candidates standing for election to Haringey Council to make energy and climate change policies a high priority. In particular they should implement this manifesto’s 'Route Map to Carbon Zero by 2050’, and ensure that this actually happens by setting out how, by whom and when each milestone will be achieved. This should be the responsibility of a Zero50 Working Party of the Environment Committee representing key departments such as Planning, Engineering and Sustainable Transport. Targets should include:


  • refurbishing existing homes to the highest standards for energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • ensuring that through the planning process, all new developments of residential or commercial premises will be as near carbon-neutral as possible 
  • promoting low-carbon travel such as walking and cycling and the further development of Green Space
  • dramatically increasing recycling rates


Implementing these measures will ensure a better, healthier, and more equitable borough for all residents, both now and in the future






C C & E Group January 2018

MINUTES OF MEETING OF 14.01.17 HELD AT 16 LANCHESTER RD N6   Present:        Helen Mayer                         Alan Morton                         Jenny Taylor                         Friedbert Meinert                         Rose Levinson                     Julian Sainsbury                         Chris Lazou                          Sydney...



Present: Nicky Gavron; Chris Lazou; Sydney Charles;Fred Fitzke; Jill Boswell; Norman Beddington;

Jonathan Boswell; Jill Pack

Apologies:Alan Morton;Peray Ahmet; Helen Mayer;Catherine West; Julian Sainsbury; Friedbert Meinert; Janet Boston

Minutes of 08.01.17 Meeting

Sydney pointed out that the figures on the Woodside PV scheme were inaccurate: scheme will cost £90k, and will provide a 5% return; a parallel application to for a Salix loan to purchase LED lighting will save £9k pa.

 9th Feb Brexit & Climate Change Meeting

Norman and Jill said that they thought that with an attendance of 60 LP, Green and non-aligned people the meeting had been a success, and that the strategy of a ‘Green alliance’ had been worthwhile. He thanked all the Group members who helped to make it a successful day. Jonathan said that in future we needed to be careful about speakers bringing up irrelevant subjects, such as the Green member who asked a question on the HDV.

 Norman reported that £89.03 was collected at the meeting, making our total funds £180.04.

 Discussion on Clean Air

 Norman talked to the reports from the 30th Jan Transport Forum which he had circulated. LBH is proposing to update the borough’s Air Quality Management Area with funding from the GLA, and so has produced maps showing annual mean concentrations of NO2 in 2013 and 2020, as well as GLA Focus Areas and Haringey Hotspots (highly polluted main roads and junctions). 10% of residents live in areas where the annual NO2 objective is exceeded. Measures LBH is taking to reduce pollution include doubling the no of car club spaces and electrifying a proportion, as well as the Neighbourhood of the Future scheme for EVs in Wood Green.


Questions for LBH on AQMA


-                not clear on what the 2020 NO2 map is predicated

-                easy to use info needed on the LBH website, including historic info

-                why not have AQ Apps for schoolchildren showing when AQ limits are exceeded ?


Electric Vehicles


Sydney presented her Update PDF on electric vehicles. She is passionate about EVs as a (partial) solution to problems of air quality. The fact that the Treasury will still be subsidising diesel through Vehicle Excise Duty from April 2017 is outrageous. There is not enough co-ordination of action on EVs; there is a range of conventional and fast charging points supplied by different manufacturers and individual councils free to choose any of these. London Councils are unclear whether or nor they have the powers to co-ordinate services for EVs on and off-street. Nicky said that the update is very useful and advised Sydney to get Joanne McCartney to ask the Mayor a question on current DoT funding. She also agreed to ask a question herself on EV co-ordination.


Norman reported on his and Friedbert’s meeting with Joe Baker about the Wood Green NoF scheme. Quite substantial amounts of money being spent on rapid re-chargers for existing and new development, an electric taxi rank, EV trials for residents and business support in Wood Green only; NB wld like to see a scheme for residential on-street charging.


Mobile Exhibition on EVs


Agreed that it could be useful to link up boroughs such as Haringey, Islington and Camden with voluntary groups to mount a touring pop-up exhibition on EVs.


Questions for Catherine to ask in HoC


Norman agreed to follow up Sydney’s suggested question on PVs being charged business rates.


Focus on Cycling in Haringey


Norman said that one area where Haringey has not made sufficient progress is in making it safer and more convenient to use a cycle in the borough. This is partly due to not having resources for construction for cycle routes and signage, but also to insufficient officer time being available. As there is now discussion of considerably more funding being made available to the GLA, LBH should make a bid for some of this.


Next Public Meeting


Jill raised the subject of the imminent replacement of the Edmonton incinerator by NLWA; the new plant will have same capacity as old one – 700,000 tonnes, but in fact only 100,000 tonnes required and difference will be made up with commercial waste. We could be saddled with an outsize incinerator which will provide a disincentive for recycling, when option of several smaller plants which could be brought online when required has not been explored. Could be a suitable subject for next public meeting; NB to invite Quentin Given to next meeting of group.


Newsletter Articles


Air pollution in Haringey                                Norman

Electric vehicles                                             Sydney

Electric/hybrid buses                                    Sydney

Car clubs/Neighbourhood of Future           Norman

End of free green waste collection  Jill

Report on 9th Feb Brexit meeting               Norman

Woodside PV project                                  Alan


Copy date 17th March


Next CC&E Meeting


Sunday 2nd April 6.00 pm


Norman Beddington



CC & E group meeting minutes 5.3.17

HORNSEY & WOOD GREEN LABOUR PARTY CLIMATE CHANGE & ENVIRONMENT GROUP MINUTES OF 05.03.16 MEETING Present: Nicky Gavron; Chris Lazou; Sydney Charles;Fred Fitzke; Jill Boswell; Norman Beddington; Jonathan Boswell; Jill...



9th February 2017 Meeting on Brexit and Climate Change Held at St Mary’s School Hornsey


The speakers were Barry Gardiner MP, Labour’s Shadow Climate Change Minister and Cllr Andrew Cooper, leader of the Green group on Kirklees Council, West Yorkshire. Catherine West MP chaired. About 60 people attended.

 Barry Gardiner had to get to another meeting so he spoke first and took about 3 or 4 questions before he left.

His main points were:

-           Much of the UK’s current environmental law is in fact EU law.

-           The government  propose a 'Great Repeal Bill' to initially adopt all EU law. However they can't be trusted to retain essential environmental regulations such as those on air and water quality, let alone keep up with further progress in EU measures.

-           For example UK nuclear regulations currently derive from Europe, and the government already propose to leave Euratom, which regulates EU nuclear safety.

-           A Labour government would adopt all EU environmental law.

-           The government are also failing to make progress on their commitments under the Paris agreement, and have missed or postponed deadlines for producing Implementation Strategies; BG considered that grass root campaigns and local government can play a crucial role in contributing to our obligations under the agreement. Local authorities have a much more detailed understanding than government of specific measures that can be achieved in their areas , whether CHP, solar power etc.


Andrew Cooper spoke after Barry Gardiner.

His main points were:

-           Greens have held the balance of power on Kirklees Council since 1999 -  this has contributed to the council undertaking a number of radical environmental measures.

-           The first of these was to win agreement that income from national insurance reductions would be put into a dedicated renewable energy fund. The fund was used to insulate 50,000 homes for free, regardless of income. This put an estimated £3m back into the local economy through householder savings on energy bills.

-           Other measures included a programme of  LED lighting and PV's in schools.

AC acknowledged that many of these measures would be much more difficult to achieve in the current political and economic climate.

However he was optimistic that even in the Trump era much can be achieved through co-operation between cities and regions in the UK, the EU and the US, bypassing obstructive governments.

AC is a UK representative on the European Committee of The Regions, and was planning a trip to particular states in the US eg California setting their own progressive environmental agendas.

-           AC ended by calling for real alliances, beyond electoral bargaining,  between political parties to bring about change.  


There was a brief discussion covering a few points.


Catherine West closed the meeting with an account of the significant amount of work she is carrying out on the environment both locally (eg on air quality and schools) and in parliament, including scrutiny of the Brexit process and representations to the Climate Change Committee. The parliamentary environmental work is frequently  at cross-party level  and in close collaboration with Caroline Lucas'


HM & NB 14.03.17







Brexit and the challenge to the UK's climate change obligations:Report

CLIMATE CHANGE AND ENVIRONMENT GROUP   9th February 2017 Meeting on Brexit and Climate Change Held at St Mary’s School Hornsey   The speakers were Barry Gardiner MP, Labour’s Shadow...

Information on Haringey Air Quality Consultation Meetings
Please see the information below with regard to the public air quality meetings:
The Public Meeting will also be an opportunity to find out more about air quality in the borough and learn about the actions being carried out by both Haringey and the GLA.  Using the feedback from the community and internal workshops the council will present potential measures that could be included in its new plan. It is a chance for you to provide your opinions on the proposed measures in the emerging revision to the Air Quality Action Plan.
Air Quality Community workshop
Tuesday 28th February
17:15- 19:00
Council Chambers, 1st Flr,   Civic Centre High Road, London, N22 8LE
Air Quality Community workshop
Wednesday 8th March
17:15- 19:00
Tottenham Living room
639 High Road Tottenham N17 8AA
Air Quality Public meeting
Thursday 9th March
17:15- 19:00
Committee Room 8, 3rd Floor,   Civic Centre
High Road, London, N22 8LE
All the above meetings are open to the public
Some useful reference documents are available below.

Haringey Air Quality Consultation Meetings

Information on Haringey Air Quality Consultation Meetings   Please see the information below with regard to the public air quality meetings:   The Public Meeting will also be an opportunity...

Introduction: The Climate Change and Environment Group is founded on our Labour values of social justice and responsibility towards others.  We share urgent concerns about the environment and climate change, and warmly invite Party members in Hornsey and Wood Green to contribute ideas and suggestions, and to join us.

 An informal group started in autumn 2014 in the run-up to the General Election and with the active support of Catherine West, our new MP.  During the campaign we produced several briefings for her and for party activists, and also organised a public meeting at Middle Lane on climate change with Maria Eagle, then shadow spokesman. This was very successful, and attracted over 70 people, a standing-room only audience.

The group aims to provide information on climate change, energy and environment issues both locally and nationally to members. It is affiliated to SERA, the Socialist Environment & Resources Association, which is Labour’s official environment campaign.

Public Meetings in 2016

In 2016 the CC & E Group organised the following:

-a significant contribution to the Hornsey & Wood Green Labour Party conference in January, suggesting speakers on the environment, and organising a successful workshop on ‘the consequences of climate change and environmental policy in the EU.' Speakers included Murad Qureshi of the London Assembly, Lucy Anderson MEP, spokesperson for the European Labour Partyon Transport and Tourism, John Sauven, Director of Greenpeace and Christian Wolmar, the authority on rail transport

-a public meeting on ‘Tackling Our Polluted Air: The Vital Role of the EU; this meeting attracted around 25 people and resulted in a lively debate about the the serious impact of air pollution on health, especially on young people and the contribution of EU policy. There were speakers from Greenpeace, Client Earth, the London Assembly, the European Labour Party and Kings College London

Contact Details: Norman Beddington, Secretary, Climate Change & Environment Group, Hornsey & Wood Green Labour Party

Upcoming meeting:





 Present:       Jenny Taylor (chair),Alan Morton, Jill Boswell, Sydney Charles, Jonathan Boswell, Tony CumberbircJanet Boston                                                 Helen Mayer, Norman Beddington (Secretary), Nicky Gavron, Catherine West MP  Apologies:   Peray Ahmet, Fred Fitzke, Natan Doron, Fried Meinert, Julian Sainsbury

Website Norman reported that he is keeping our website page on the H&WG LP site updated. From now on agendas, minutes, interesting reports and documents would be going up. As an example the SERA autumn newsletter is up there. Sydney said that she would provide a link to the notes on her successful Hornsey ward talk on air pollution for the site.

SERA AGM Jill and Norman attended on 26.11.16. Jill reported that Melanie Smallman and Jake Sumner, the current co-chairs were working well together, and the organisation has now hired a worker for admin and supporting local groups. Norman reported that Keir Starmer gave an excellent talk about the Brexit process and the environment, and how it was a main objective of his to ensure that environmental legislation is not overlooked in the Omnibus bill transferring EC legislation to the UK.

 Discussion on Air Pollution Norman summarised Haringey’s response to to Sadiq Khan’s air pollution consultation – sent by Peray Ahmet, and written by Edwin Leigh. This was thought to be a good response. Main points were:

LBH supported the introduction of the £10 Emissions Surcharge, however it felt that the operation hours should be extended to 24 hrs, and also to cover the weekend as well as weekdays;  the charge should be based the emission level, not on the rather confusing Euro standard; Clean Bus Zones should be extended further to cover areas with particularly poor air quality eg Wood Green High Street (part of Green Lanes is now covered); the North Circular is backed as the Northern boundary, although there are concerns about traffic displacement and air quality on the NC; given that buses give out 10% of NOx emissions, the Mayor should prioritise reductions of bus emissions; LBH wld like Wood Green High Rd, Tottenham High Rd and Green Lanes included as Low Emission Bus Corridors;  noted that support for a diesel scrappage scheme is being sought by the Mayor; domestic boiler replacement scheme also needed

Nicky raised her concern about pollution at schools right on the North Circular such as Bounds Green Primary. She thought that the edge of the ULEV should be the GLA boundary to get over the  problem. The Mayor will be making grants available to schools and community groups for work on air quality; Nicky was asked to find out when this funding will be available. Norman undertook to make contact with Victoria Daines at Hornsey to see how they wanted to follow up Sydney’s recent talk. It would be great if they wanted to work with local schools. Helen to raise air pollution at the 17th Jan Education seminar.

 Air Quality Support Network.  It was thought that there is a good case for a Haringey Air Quality Network, on the lines of the Camden one attended by Sydney, which could support schools and community groups in taking action on air quality. Jonathan stated that the current Haringey Transport Strategy is not much more than a list of nice aspirations, including on air pollution. Norman to ask at Transport Forum about whether more useful objectives will be incorporated in the new Transport Strategy, and when the new strategy will emerge. Also to ask whether Haringey anticipate receiving monitoring funds, and funding for organising Cleaner Walks to school, and for physical measures such as hedges and trees. Catherine wanted to know whether fleet vehicles, such as Veolia’s, met green standards, and would continue to do so.

 Report from Catherine West MP

Boiler scrappage: Mayor developing a scheme, but it takes 18 months to develop a new scheme; Sydney volunteered to check on progress. CW is concerned about fuel poverty – 4.5 m people in UK suffer. She would like us to suggest a question she can ask in the House on this, and on other green subjects. She would like to see a Hoppa bus connecting Muswell Hill and Wood Green, possibly via the Hornsey Park Rd area. Renewables have overtaken coal for first time this year as a source of electric power. Obama has doubled the amount of renewable power in the US

Negatives Brexit & rolling-back of environmental standards eg on fleet renewal;  Trump’s dubious appointments eg Rex Tillerson CEO of Exxon as new Secretary of State; CW is involved with a UK/EC policy group, aiming to put pressure on Trump and make case for high environmental standard. CW wants suggestions for a speaker on the environment for a broad left meeting

Electric Vehicles

Fried Meinert gave his apologies. Tony Cumberbirch strongly advocated that the Mayor and boroughs work with vehicle manufacturers and power companies to provide charging points for all new developments, and for CPZs on a rolling basis. Purchasers of EVs would benefit from a subsidy from the Mayor, and also from a % of parking spaces (initially 10% ?) allocated to EV owners. Manufacturers’ fines from falsifying emission standards would be dedicated to the fund.

 PVs for Woodside School Alan explained the MHSG scheme for installing PVs at Woodside School in Tottenham. The scheme will cost £90k but will save the school £9k p.a. with a Salix grant for installing LEDs. If the fundraising, including a community share scheme, is successful the project will be installed in summer 2017.

 Feb 9th Meeting Arrangements One round of the meeting flyer has already gone out; Norman plans two more rounds before the meeting. Helen and Jill Pack are revising the flyer with colour photo. Janet to send flyer to ward secretaries; Norman to send to Emma W for general circulation. Norman to get 300 printed; Janet will give out at Boogaloo event, Norman will  give them out in Crouch End.

Date of Next Meeting: Sunday 5th March at 6.00 pm

Norman Beddington, Secretary, 11.01.17


Air Pollution and Current Developments




News from the Climate Change and Environment Group January 2017

Introduction: The Climate Change and Environment Group is founded on our Labour values of social justice and responsibility towards others.  We share urgent concerns about the environment and climate change, and...

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